Peter Lanza

Mar 21, 2022

Department: Manufacturing Engineering
Location: Greene, NY
University: Binghamton University
Year: Masters
Major: Mechanical Engineering

What attracted you to the opportunities available at The Raymond Corporation?
The proximity to such a large and successful manufacturing corporation like Raymond made it an easy choice for a Co-Op position. They provide a wide variety of student positions, which is helpful when looking for potential opportunities. I was also attracted to Toyota Production System, or TPS, which Raymond runs on as it is consistently mentioned, at Binghamton University.

Describe what your experience has been like thus far at The Raymond Corporation.
My experience so far has been incredible. The blended work-life between manufacturing and office makes each day unique. Everyone here is helpful and wants to make sure you have the tools to succeed at whatever project is at hand.

How are you applying what you study to your job here at Raymond?
I currently apply my knowledge of material properties to my current project at Raymond. I am also using my design skills to help read drawings for the welding department. I'm using the Engineering Design process when evaluating different solutions and determining the most efficient solution.

What career advice would you give to others hoping to secure a future co-op/internship?
Apply early, and make sure to learn about your degree track. I am currently receiving elective credit for my internship, and it helps when balancing both school and work. Also, don’t be afraid to do a Co-Op and schoolwork. The duality builds time management skills, and you will probably learn a lot of information in your Co-Op.

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