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Put theory into practice...and get paid!

  • Built on principles of innovation and continuous improvement, The Raymond Corporation offers Co-Op experiences with you in mind. Similar to all associates, you will be welcomed into our culture, treated as a valuable member of the team, and given "real" work assignments. There are always colleagues available to answer questions. Your success is a key component of our success at Raymond. 


Co-Op Benefits

Real-World Project Experience


Paid Experience

Full-Time Employment

Accessibility to Mentors

Pertinent Work Experience

Learning New Skills

Cross-Functional Teamwork

  • Werres Corporation Industrial Warehouse Products

    From Engineering to Marketing to Procurement and everything between, Raymond offers an opportunity in all aspects of business.



    The Raymond Corporation provides you the opportunity to be part of a hard-working team that combines operational excellence, award-winning innovation, and industry-leading global customer support to achieve success.

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  • Technician Training

    Our Raymond culture is diverse with collaboration, commitment, and our communities at its core. Even in a virtual environment, we are finding ways to stay connected as community and culture is of our utmost importance at The Raymond Corporation.


    We welcome students to come back for multiple Co-Ops, providing different projects each time. A number of our Co-Ops have transitioned into post-graduate, full-time employment. Read our Student Spotlight to hear what our Co-Ops had to say.

  • Five Student Headshots
  • “My experience has been very inviting and informative. No question will go unanswered and help is always available and encouraged."
    - Kari, Global Supply Chain Management, 2021

  • “I have enjoyed the team I am working with and feel like I can go to anyone if I am ever struggling or need assistance.”
    -Kyle, Analytics & Marketing, 2021

  • “As a computer science student, I am applying my knowledge of how to write high-quality software to my job here at Raymond. Rather than just learning about how to do things, I get to experience firsthand how different practices influence real-world products."
    - Chris, Telematics, 2021

  • “I am very involved in the project I am working on and am enjoying and understanding the importance of the work I am doing in respect to my department and Raymond as a whole.”
    -Alexander, Mechanical Engineering, 2021


    “My experience has been excellent! This is my second Co-Op with Raymond, I have returned at every possible opportunity!"
    - Sam, TPS Administration, 2021

  • “I’ve been able to apply my programming skills and mathematical background in all my projects so far which has allowed me to successfully create various application that can be used in the field.”
    Nick, Advanced Research, 2021

  • "Whether it be executing test plans for the trucks, writing software to explore and understand a new microcontroller board, or designing a new software interface for the truck displays, there has been plenty of work for me that both kept me busy as well as engaged"
    - Jeffrey, Software Development, 2021

  • "All of my department members are great people and I really enjoy working with them. I’ve been given good projects to work on and I haven’t felt like I’ve been given busy or throwaway work."
    - Ethan, Embedded Systems, 2020

  • "I have been able to help out on multiple projects as well as lead my own. It has also been great to be able to apply what I learned to real life projects as well as work to figure things out when they don’t go as planned."
    - Matthew, Telematics, 2021

  • "My experience at Raymond has been beneficial far beyond expectations. I have learned so much, not only about engineering, but also about corporate work culture."
    - Michael, Electrical Systems, 2020


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  • Do Something You Love, Do It At Raymond

    From your first day, you are hands on, learning new skills and applying your knowledge from the classroom into the work force. With areas in Automation, Virtual Reality, iWarehouse, and Software & Controls, we are confident their is something for you to love. Watch our information sessions hosted by Raymond leaders, associates and Co-Ops to see what your future may have instore.