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About The Raymond Corporation
Built on principles of innovation and continuous improvement, The Raymond Corporation is unceasingly evolving products and introducing solutions to proactively address customers' challenges today, while adapting to their ever-changing needs of tomorrow. At Raymond, we not only design and build the best integrated electric-powered lift trucks in the business, but also strive to delver end-to-end systems and solutions to bring daily warehouse and distribution operations to a new level of performance.

The Raymond Corporation's big-picture approach and precisely targeted solutions are designed to:
- Adapt and Grow our customers' businesses
- Offer eco-efficient electric lift trucks and innovative energy solutions
- Integrate cutting-edge technologies
- Advance telematics solutions
- Provide industry-leading virtual reality instruction

The Raymond Corporation provides you the opportunity to be part of a hard-working team that combines operational excellence, award winning innovation, and industry-leading global customer support to achieve success. Our Raymond culture is diverse with collaboration, commitment, and community at its core.

Current and past Co-Ops routinely express the value their Raymond experience provides their career development; they consistently speak of the "real-work" Raymond exposes them to in assigned projects and "their impact on our customers and the business."

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