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Built on principles of innovation and continuous improvement, The Raymond Corporation offers cooperative (co-op) experiences with you in mind. Similar to all our associates, you will be welcomed into the culture, treated as a valuable member of the team, given “real” work assignments and have access to experienced colleagues to answer questions. 

Your success is a key component of our success at Raymond, because we know if we want to last another 100 years, we need to invest in your future.

Paths to Grow

Students who take on these jobs also take with them practical knowledge and skills they’ll utilize the rest of their career, whether they stay with us or follow another opportunity.

Real-World Experience

This isn’t work in a lab; it’s work in the field. This job puts you right alongside other experienced colleagues as you learn firsthand.

Paid Opportunity

Every position we offer comes with a part-time salary that’s competitive with other opportunities in the industry.

Access to Mentors

You’ll learn from our team of experts who will take their years of experience to lead you through a structured curriculum designed to teach through the work.

Acquire New Skills

The skills you’ll learn during this opportunity are transferable beyond our company, even though we’d like you to keep honing them with us.

Cross-functional Teamwork

There are many other teams you’ll work with during your time in this program, which will give a broader picture about this work.

Student Stories

More Student Stories
  • 1 min read

    Quintan Gerhardstein

    Department: Product Engineering
    Location: Greene, NY
    University: Rochester Institute of Technology
    Year: Junior
    Major: Electrical Engineering

  • 1 min read

    Tristan Austin

    Department: : Logistics and Aftermarket Accounts
    Location: Greene, NY
    University: SUNY Broome
    Year: Freshman
    Major: Business Administration/Sales

  • 1 min read

    Sierra Gordon

    Department: Software Development
    Location: Greene, NY
    University: University of Pittsburg
    Year: Junior
    Major: Computer Engineering

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