• Student Spotlight

  • Co-Op Overview

    Raymond has been employing co-op students in all areas of its business, helping to develop strong talent and prepare these students to either continue their career here at Raymond, or to enter the workforce elsewhere. Recognizing that the success of Raymond comes from its employees, Raymond hires a number of co-ops at all locations.

  • Student of the Week

    Each week, we will be featuring a different student that has worked at Raymond. In this spotlight, the students will talk with us about their experiences and what they learned.


Rochester Institute of Technology
Electrical Systems

"I am learning new things every day and if I never need help there is always someone available to help. And even if no one knows the answers, we’ll work together to find out."


Binghamton University
Human Resources

"Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Raymond is a company to be proud to be a part of because of they truly care for and value their employees."


Clarkson University
Manufacturing Engineering

"My experience thus far at Raymond has been filled with exciting new challenges and problems to solve. I’ve been able to work with some amazing people who have helped me even lead my own projects and tests."


Ramapo College of New Jersey

"It is fulfilling to apply problem solving and designing components of projects applicable in real world."


Pace University
Corporate Communications

"My experience at Raymond so far has been a whirlwind, learning new information and helping my department as much as I can. A day in communications at Raymond is never the same, and I get to learn from new experiences every day."


Binghamton University
Test Lab

"I have learned a lot about the processes at this plant. I am fortunate to gain experience in Product Engineering and the Test lab, where I was exposed to design and testing procedures."


University of Cincinnati
Embedded Systems

"All of my department members are great people and I really enjoy working with them. I’ve been given good projects to work on and I haven’t felt like I’ve been given busy or throwaway work."


Rochester Institute of Technology
Software Engineering

"I have been provided the opportunity to work on projects that matter and further my knowledge in software development. There is always something to do or be engaged with."


Binghamton University
Corporate Procurement

"The employees have welcomed me with open arms each time that I have returned and everybody is very kind while I’m there."


Binghamton University
Reliability Engineering

"Being an international student, this was my first experience in an American work culture. It is significantly different than what I had experienced back in my country. People are friendly, approachable and always ready to help."


Rochester Institute of Technology
Electrical Systems

"My experience at Raymond has been beneficial far beyond expectations. I have learned so much, not only about engineering, but also about corporate work culture."


Binghamton University
Quality Assurance

"I feel very comfortable when asking technical questions, nearly all employees here are very knowledgeable and are able to comprehensively provide information about any issues you might have."


Rochester Institute of Technology
Energy Solutions

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Raymond, as the company presents many fun challenges. I encounter real world problems daily and work to problem solve or troubleshoot devices."


Binghamton University
Manufacturing Engineering

"People here are ever willing to help you and get you through everything with a positive attitude. The work environment is engaging and challenging and there’s always something new to learn every day."


Rochester Institute of Technology
Value Analysis Value Engineering

"My manager, mentor, and coworkers have all been friendly and helpful which has helped a lot in getting me adjusted to working an actual engineering job."


University at Buffalo

"I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with everyone in iWAREHOUSE and being a part of multiple projects and departments."


Rochester Institute of Technology
Energy Solutions

"Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful, and I have been given the opportunity to work on very interesting projects. Interns are not given busy work—their projects are actually useful to Raymond."
Returning Co-op!


Binghamton University
Product Engineering

"I have grown as an engineer substantially in the past year thanks to an incredible product engineering team."


Clarkson University
Manufacturing Engineering

"My department and office have been very welcoming to new ideas and any questions."

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